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Insurance Companies in Costa Rica

 Insurance Companies in Costa Rica

 Insurance in Costa Rica since 1948 was dominated by the government owned insurance company, Instituto Nacional de Seguros [INS]. This government monopoly over the insurance industry ended in 2008 when the Costa Rican legislature approved the “Law to Regulate the Insurance Market”. It has taken several years to establish the legal and regulatory structure necessary to attract other insurance companies into the Costa Rican insurance market. 

As of 2013t there were 11 insurance companies authorized to operate in Costa Rica. Those companies are:

T: 2288-0960

Aseguradora del Istmo
T: 2228-4850

ASSA Compania de Seguros
T: 2503-2772

Atlantic Southern Insurance Company
T: 2248-4696

T: 2228-6069

T: 800-835-3467

T: 2010-3000

Pan American Life
T: 2201-5980

T: 2291-0590

Seguros Bolivar
T: 800-0322322


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