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Costa Rica Imposes Vaccine Pass QR Code

by rpetersen

The Government of Costa Rica announced that as of December 1, it will require citizens over the age of 12 to present a certificate of vaccination against the new coronavirus in order to gain access to various leisure activities, including admission to bars, restaurants and churches.

This vaccine pass will be  issued by the Ministry of Health to people who have completed their immunization schedules against covid-19.

The government already sent out more than  1,100,000 of these certificates to those individuals that were vaccinated in the country with two doses and are registered within the Costa Rican public health care system. 

How do you get the Vaccine Pass QR Code ?

There are two ways to process it.  One for those that have a Costa Rican digital signature card (Firma Digital) and one for those that do not,  

Fill out and complete online the covid-19 vaccination certificate request form. Attach to the email a copy of a valid identification document (ID card, passport or Residency Dimex card for Foreigners) and a copy of the vaccination card received at the Costa Rican Social Security Administration(CCSS) in which the personal identification data and the doses received are indicated.

Here is the link for the Ministry of Health QR Code Application:  https://www.ministeriodesalud.go.cr/index.php/vigilancia-de-la-salud/certificado-de-vacunacion-covid-19

If you have a digital signature:

Fill out and complete online the covid-19 vaccine certificate request form Complete the form submission form, sign it digitally and send it to the e-mail: certificadovacuna.covid19@misalud.go.cr

  • Fill out and complete online the covid-19 vaccine certificate request form
  • Complete the sworn affidavit and sign it digitally.
  • Complete copy of the vaccination card.
  • Completed health pass when you entered the country after vaccination.
  • When the vaccination card is in a language other than Spanish, a free translation into Spanish must be submitted.

Persons without digital signature:

You must submit the following documentation and send it to: certificadovacuna.covid19@misalud.go.cr.

Fill out and complete online the covid-19 vaccine certificate request form

  • Complete a sworn affidavit, sign and scan it.
  • Copy of your  vaccination card. (If it is in another language it must be translated to Spanish)
  • Copy of your  identity card.
  • Copy of the Health Pass document you completed when you entered the country.

What Activities will require a QR Vaccine Pass ?

In order to gain access to all events and entertainment venues that require a vaccine pass you must have a valid QR Code that you will need to present at all required events and venues. 

To verify the code, it will not be necessary to have an Internet connection. The QR code can be printed or made available in digital format

This code will be mandatory to enter:

  • Restaurants, sodas, cafeterias and food courts (food trucks and food courts).
  • Bars and casinos.
  • General stores and shopping malls.
  • Museums.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Hotels, cabins or lodging establishments. Spas.
  • Activities, organizations or congregations in places of worship.
  • Event halls for business, academic or social activities.
  • Adventure tourism.
  • Theaters, cinemas, art and dance academies and artistic activities establishments.
  • Sports activities establishments.

When does the Process Begin ?

The QR Code application process is already available.   The government has indicated it will begin requiring that vaccine pass on December 1st

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