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Costa Rica Credit Card Debt

by Super User

The Costa Rican Ministry of Economy and Commerce recently completed a study about the use of Credit Cards in Costa Rica.

According to the study the amount of credit card debt in Costa Rica is 800 billion Colones which is $1.48 billion dollars.  This is an increase of 2.37% from the previous year.

In Costa Rica the credit card issuers have issued 1,764,000 credit cards.  In the past 4 years the amount of credit cards issued in the country has grown by 33%.

There are 28 credit card issuers in Costa Rica and they offer more than 378 different branding of credit cards.   The name of the credit card issuers is set forth in the following graph.


The interest rate on credit cards in Costa Rica ranges from 24% to 50.4% According to the study the highest interest rates are charged by Banco BCT with 50.4% and Citibank Cards with 49.32%.  The graph below shows the different rates charged.




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