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Enjoy A Taste Of Paradise In Santa Teresa: Find Out The Best Things To Do

by rpetersen

Ready to beat the heat and enjoy some surfing in the sun then this wonder situated in the Nicoya Peninsula should surely be your next travel destination. The peninsula is included in the world’s five blue zones, so you can expect to see some breathtaking views and stunning landscapes. Whether you are planning a couples trip, a solo excavation or want to have some fun with your friends and family Sant Teresa Beach is well suited to your every need. It is heaven on the Pacific Coast and is filled with numerous activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming or simply just soaking in the sun.

What Is The Best Time To Visit

Santa Teresa Beach is an abode that can be visited all around the year. However, if you are looking for an amazing surfing experience, greenery and bright sun then the best months will be between March and April. You will find the least rainfall and the best weather during these months. The prices for flights, accommodations and restaurants surge high. If you are looking for a more budget-friendly option then visiting in between the months of July and September will be ideal for you and will save you a huge amount of money.

Things To Do

1) Surf To Your Hearts Content: The best thing to do in Santa Teresa is to go surfing and ride on the waves. Do not be intimated by professional surfers you can learn surfing by experts near the beach. Costa Rica is known to be one of the best surfing destinations in the world. You can easily find many reliable and trustworthy instructors and can have an amazing time reigning over the waves.

2) Explore The Beach: There is nothing better than laying around the beach and enjoying some sun. Santa Theresa Beach has many breathtaking locations where you can enjoy a stunning sunset while sipping on some drinks and having a delicious meal. You can explore Playa Santa Teresa was the biggest part of the beach, if you want to learn surfing then you should definitely visit Playa Carmen

3) Visit Montezuma: This small and vibrant town is located just 17k m away from Santa Teresa. It is a great place to relax and enjoy. The town has a casual, fun, positive and hippy vibe. You can shop for some beaded jewelry, souvenirs and interact with locals. The town has been home to Romelia Sea Turtles.

4) Interact With Nature At Cabo Blanco: The reserve is located at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. If you want to take a break from the beach and want to explore something different then the Cabo Blanco Reserve is just the perfect place to get close to nature. The park is great for hiking when you need a calm and peaceful environment. The park has an entry fee of 12$ and is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

5) Enjoy The Amazing Waterfall: This is one of the most visited places and the best time to experience the waterfall in full glory is during the summer months. You reach the waterfall by hiking for around 20 minutes and can hear the water gushing. The waterfall is a perfect spot to enjoy serenity, swim in the pool or can enjoy a small picnic with your friends with a scenic view.

6) Relax Your Mind At A Yoga Class: If you want to decompress, unwind and relax your senses going for yoga can be a nice option. The beach is lined with many yoga centers and joining a class can be fun if you are accompanied by your friends. The fee for yoga classes is usually between 12$ to 15$.

7) Enjoy Zip Lining In Montezuma: Montezuma Canopy Tour lets you explore the waterfall through zip lining. You can swing by the rainforest and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the waterfalls and amazing flora in the rainforest. Do not forget to enjoy yourself and dress up in casual clothes and some comfortable shoes. Going swimming after zip lining is a good idea and you should surely have some fun in the water.

8) Curu Wildlife Reserve: The reserve is a haven for animal lovers and was the first private wildlife refuge. The reserve has lush green forests, beaches and exotic marine life. You can easily spot many native species like monkeys, deer, coatis and several species of migratory birds. You can have an amazing experience by opting for a guided tour, the reserve is open from 7 AM in the morning till 3 PM.

9) Explore Tortuga Island: This island definitely resembles a tropical paradise and is surrounded by dense forest, pristine and clear waters. You can enjoy activities like swimming, snorkelling or can view dolphins in playing in the sun. The island also has many hiking trails that are not difficult and gives you a spectacular view of the island.

10) Try Some Delectable Cuisine: Exploring the gastronomy of a place is the most fascinating thing to do. Santa Teresa has many amazing options that can satiate your taste buds and make your heart happy. Your trip to Santa Teresa is not complete if you haven’t visited Koji. It is one of the most famous restaurants and is exceptionally good. The bakery is a perfect place to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast with some amazing pancakes. If you want to enjoy a well-crafted beer, then the Butterfly Brewing Company is surely a must visit. The ambience of the place is chill, fun and vibrant. Banana Beach is a great place to enjoy amazing breakfast by the beach and is always crowded with people because of the fun and great ambience. Chop It offers some of the best vegan options you can have the yummiest wraps, juicy burgers and delectable desserts. Habaneros is a perfect Mexican grill offering spicy tacos, grilled fish and delicious guacamole.

Where To Stay?

Santa Teresa is surrounded by stunning views as far as you can see and it is important to find accommodation which makes you admire these views every morning as you wake up. There are several great options and we have discussed some of the best places to stay: Canaima Chill House is a beautiful eco hotel is situated amidst lush green forest and is a combination of rustic charm and luxury. You can enjoy stunning sunsets, relax in a hot tub and spacious rooms. Ecopacific Lodge Santa Teresa is a perfect place when you need to be closer to shops, beach and other amenities. The hotel is located ideally and is just 300 m away from the beach. Latitude 10 is one of the most charming hotels which provides you with a private and luxurious experience with exceptional service, great food and amazing ambience. The hotel is surrounded by towering palm trees and a stunning pool. Latitude 10 provides you with calmness and serenity which will make you more in love with this place. Florblanca Resort is a luxurious experience and is a favourite among tourists. The hotel is located in front of the spectacular Playa Santa Teresa. You can enjoy activities like surfing, hiking, horseback riding and zip-lining. You can have an exclusive private beach villa and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Santa Teresa Beach.

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