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Costa Rica Online Gun Registry

by Super User

Costa Rica online gun registry

The Ministry of Public Security has implemented an online gun registry via the website http://controlpas.go.cr 

The system will allow gun owners that qualify to do so to register their weapons via the online registry system.  However, to access the system you will need to have a digital signature card (Firma Digital).  This is an electronic signature that is used to authenticate the identity of user.  For more information on the digital signature or to apply for one visit the official web site of the digital signature certifying agency for Costa Rica:  http://www.firmadigital.go.cr

Assuming you now have a digital signature you will still need to have:

1.  Certificate of mental capacity issued by a licensed Costa Rican psychologist.

2.  Proof of having passed the firearms handling and shooting course.

3.  Have your fingerprints updated and logged into the system.

Once you have that information and documentation you can create an account in the system.   The only way to RENEW your gun carrying permit is via the online system.


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