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Costa Rica Labor Law Case Manual

by rpetersen

The Costa Rican Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS) in conjunction with the Ministry of Human Resources and Development of the Canadian Government (HRSDC) has recently released the 3rd Edition of the Labor Law Judicial Criteria (Compendio de Criterios Jurídico-Laborales).  This manual compiles the court decisions and legal criteria of the legal department of the Ministry of Labor into a 190 page manual.  The manual includes the answers presented to the Ministry of Labor by employers, worker’s and social organizations of Costa Rica among others.  The manual also includes the decisions of the legal department of the Ministry of Labor and case law from 2009-2014.

The goal of the manual is to provide to the general public a tool which provides a uniform criteria of decisions and legal opinions to make it easier for the the public to understand the legal basis and opinions for many of the provisions of the legal labor code.

The full text of the manual in Spanish is provided below.

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