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Costa Rica Minimum Wage Scale for 2015

The Costa Rica Ministry of Labor sets the minimum wage scale for workers in Costa Rica. The minimum wage scale is set twice a year by the wage council of the Ministry of Labor.

The information below is for selected positions from the wage scale approved by Nº 39055-MTSS for 2015

Agrcultural Laborers 9,598.73 $17.75 per day
Construction Worker 10,437.94 $19.30 per day
Carpenter 12,557.91 $23.22 per day
Gardener 10,437.94 $19.30 per day
Machine Operator 12,421.15 $22.97 per day
Maid 170,901.34 $316.01 per month
Guard 283,799.64 $524.77 per month
Vocational School Graduate 414,507.41 $766.46 per month
Receptionist 305,323.98 $564.57 per month
Secretary 320,344.36 $592.34 per month
Messenger 283,799.64 $524.77 per month
Cashier 305,323.98 $564.57 per month
Medical Technician 451,891.72 $835.58 per month
Bacehlors Degree 512,552.17 $947.75 per month
Licentiate Degree 615,083.69 $1,137.34 per month


GENERIC  per month
unskilled worker 286,467.36 $529.70
semi-skilled worker 308,194.03 $569.87
skilled workeer 323,978.14 $599.06
Technician with upper education 414,507.41 $766.46
Diploma with upper education 447,683.50 $827.80
Bachelor Degree 507,779.05 $938.92
Licenciate Degree 609,355.75 $1,126.75

The original document issued by the Ministry of Labor in Spanish is viewable below:

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