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Registering Your Employee with the Costa Rican Social Security System

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Registering your Employee with the Costa Rican Social Security System  

In Costa Rica registration with the Social Security system is compulsory for anybody that hires an employee.   If you hire a worker it is your obligation to have the employee sign up with the Social Security Administration.   Prior to registering your employee it is necessary for you as the employer to register with the Social Security Administration as an Employer.    You can do this either as an individual or if you operate an incorporated business in the name of your corporation. You can register in the Social Security office where you are physically located.  If you are located outside of San José you can process the registration with the Social Security branch nearest to your location. You need to file the following documents if applying as an individual. 

1.      The registration application form.   You can follow this link to download the form: Social Security Application Form for an Individual. 

2.      Copy of your identification document. 

3.      Copy of the identification document of each of the workers you wish to register with Social Security. 

4.      Copy of the Electricity bill where the workers will be working. 

 If you apply as a Corporate Entity you will need in addition to all the above: 

1.      Certificate of corporate standing (personeria juridica) 

2.      Copy of the Articles of Incorporation of the corporation. 

3.      Copy of the Corporate Identification document. 

The Social Security system provides your employee with medical care, disability payments and retirement benefits.    The employer contributes 26% of the salary and the employee 9%. 



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